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Watson Institute

- anger
- at home
- clothing
- friends
- grades/test/homework
- perservative/obsessive & upsetting behaviors
- sadness
- school routines
- school work and class behavior
- self control
- sensory and other needs
- sports/recess/winning
- talking
- teen issues
- touching things
Boardmaker pictures & visuals

SetBC / PictureSET

PictureSET is a collection of
downloadable visual supports that can
be used by students for both receptive
and expressive communication in the
classroom, at home, and in the
community. This searchable database
allows you to find a wide range of useful
visual supports for different curriculum
areas, activities, and events. PictureSET
resources are created and updated by
dedicated professionals working with
students in British Columbia.

* French translation of these visuals can be
found on the French side of our website
Learning Resources
for kids

Kiz Club

- ABC's
- Phonics
- Topics
- Crafts
- Stories & Props
- Nursery Rhymes
- Flashcards
- Teaching Extra


Hundreds of picture cards available for
free download.

- Social Skills toolbox
- Print material
- games & songs
- feelings, emotions, safety....
Online Stop-Watch

Countdown Timer       -Large Stopwatch
Split Lap Timer            -Egg Timer
Bomb Countdown       -Clock Countdown
Chess Clock                 -Chess Timer
Online Clock                 -Online Alarm Clock
Online Digital Clock     -Cash Clock
Interval Timer               -Metronome
Stay On Top App          -Custom Countdown
Online Calculator         -Download Gadgets

BoardmakerShare is the perfect community for finding thousands of Boardmaker
Activities on hundreds of topics. Now the redesigned BoardmakerShare makes it  
easier than ever to share Boardmaker activities, and find the groups who are
using them along with you.
Instructional Ideas & Strategies
- Tinsnip is a special education resource
that stives to share a variety of specialized
teaching tools, techniques, worksheets, and
activities with teachers of students who
have autistic spectrum disorders and
related developmental disabilities.
- an interactive forum for speech-language pathologists and
teachers to improve communication skills in our schools by
1. exchanging ideas, techniques and lessons that work
2. finding out about materials before you buy
3. seeking and giving advice on therapy and caseload
managment issues,
4. exploring a myriad of helpful resource links

This page is full of free resources for anyone looking to help
kids get excited about physical fitness.
Apps for Autism
Apple Technology for diverse learners
Pre-Teens, Teens, Puberty & hygiene

American Academy of Dermatology Kids` Connection
This site provides you with information about your skin and potential skin conditions.
Learn, for example, about skin diseases, the effects of the sun on your skin, and the
including acne.

This site has a huge variety of topics dealing with your health. The Kids` site offers
information about your body and how to take care of it There`s a section on growing up
that covers periods, puberty, braces and retainers, voice changes, and what`s normal.
The Teens`site has more in-depth information on acne, dental health, sexual
development, and other issues that arise during puberty. Nutrition, fitness, and illness
are covered at both sites.

You`ll find advice on dealing with emotions, family, and friends, as well as tons of great
information on physical development, proper nutrition, and exercise. Find tips for avoiding
unnecessary stress and other problems at home, in the classroom, and with friends.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Get the lowdown on ear wax, eye gunk, zits, dandruff, and more at this fun site that
explores the mysterious, funny, and sometimes yucky ways your body works.
Ed Tech ideas!
Tech integration for busy teachers
List of Apps for Autism click here
English Visual images to print.