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The Autism Resource Centre was conceptualized by a group of parents and professionals in
2001.   Although advocacy and resource groups existed within the province of New Brunswick,
it was recognized that a community centre could provide greater access to a growing number
of individuals and families in the Moncton area as well as providing ongoing education and
awareness programs.  Presently, representatives and spokespersons for the provincial
groups are scattered throughout the province as well as the resource material and workshops
they provide.

Since its conception members have been involved in various community projects that provided
resources, education and direct service to individuals with autism and their
families/caregivers.  Local parents groups have donated resource materials, i.e. books,
literature, videos, as well as an “Assistive Technology Bank”.  ARC also has a power point
presentation, “Autism 101”, created and presented by two active members.  This award
winning presentation provides a basic overview of autism and has been presented to various
professional and parents groups.

Some members have also prepared information packages that can be distributed to parents,
diagnosing professionals, and service providers.  This package includes services and
resources available in the autism community.

Other members have also been involved in establishing a “summer camp” for children with
autism during July and August.    Located within the community, the camp was able to serve 16
families throughout the summer.  With SEED and HRD grants, university and college students
were hired and provided one on one service to each child.   In many cases, programs
previously designed for the child from speech and occupational therapists or school would be
continued while at the camp, and various educational programs initiated at the camp were
integrated into the school curriculum the following September.

ARC strives to continue to support and expand on these ongoing efforts in education and
community programs.
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